About the Project

The Animal Bytes project at the Museum of Zoology, Cambridge is capturing stories of the Museum and responses to its collections from staff and visitors of all kinds.

Darwin’s Beetle Collection

The Museum of Zoology is home to more than its wonderful collection of animals. It is alive with scientists, staff and visitors. Discover the Museum’s collections through the eyes of the people who study and care for them. This project explores the human side of the Museum, with curators, staff and others sharing their experiences through the museum specimens that have inspired them. Launching at a public event on March 20 2013 as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, this website will host stories about museum specimens, images and more.

We are now collecting stories from the collections from visitors to the museum. Is there a specimen in the museum that fascinates you? Are you amazed by the size of the Finback Whale? Do you love the feathers of our Birds of Paradise? Do you find the Giant Spider Crab just a little bit scary? We would love to hear from you! Download and fill out the form below, and post in the comments card postbox, or email your response to us here, to be included on the Animal Bytes webpage.

Animal Bytes Visitor Form

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